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A Bribe is worth a Thousand Photos…

I wanted to spend the night with my Kiki, and this is what we did in about 12
hours! We started our morning with scrambled eggs and an English muffin eating
at the kitchen counter. Then after dressing in my vintage looking dress Kiki found
at Salvation Army for a photo shoot ($3.00), we headed out the front door to
visit the kitty’s across the street. That’s bribe No. 1.

No. 2-Pez for sitting in pinkish chair
No. 3-Licking the brownie batter
No. 4-Putting on Makeup for the shoots
No. 5-Getting to see Kiki’s vintage Barbie Dolls and playing with them
It took all of this to get all of these photos, narrowed down from about 745 images!

Click on first image to see full size gallery:



Yes, ton’s of details and last minute changes…poor Joe, my contractor,
but he was willing and able and I couldn’t be happier with the end results!
Next comes the little master bath that I pretty much gutted while they
were in the “demo” mode, but will have to wait till funds make this
next phase a reality!















… As white as snow

A coat of paint, makes a big difference! No longer looking like a hunting lodge,
CottageKat is taking shape! This week the cabinets get assembled, installed and then
countertops get a start at the fabricators! Hardwoods will be sanded on Friday
so just about there!

white ship lap walls are primed

Looking towards the dining and French doors leading out front

white ship lap walls are primed

Looking towards laundry closet and new French doors leading to back yard…

white ship lap walls are primed

Laundry closet for stackables, hopefully with interesting louvered doors to cover…

white ship lap walls are primed

Dining with doorway to bath now closed off… inset for sideboard

white ship lap walls are primed

Just enough room for pantry and fridge on this wall to right of doorway

white ship lap walls are primed

On Friday, the floors get sanded, filled and then stained, etc! Almost there!

white ship lap walls are primed     white ship lap walls are primed white ship lap walls are primed

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