Big Bend on the Edge of Nowhere!


My son and Daughter in Law asked me to go on their Spring Break trip and what an

adventure we had! We stayed 2 nights in this Air B&B at the end of a dead end road

which made us feel like we were on the moon in the middle of nowhere!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 2.33.29 PM.png

The owner and her twin sister built this “off the grid” home and as you can

see it blends in with the scenery! It only took 45 minutes in an old 4 wheel drive

pick up to get out of Terlingua, 10 miles! But I was more than honored for someone to

notice a shot I made while the full moon appeared.


If it’s not White, It’s Christmas Red…

While in Round Top and Johnson City a few months ago, I also noticed a lot of
good ole Red Buildings! From Historic to dilapidated to Pristine, Texas has it all!

A Bribe is worth a Thousand Photos…

I wanted to spend the night with my Kiki, and this is what we did in about 12
hours! We started our morning with scrambled eggs and an English muffin eating
at the kitchen counter. Then after dressing in my vintage looking dress Kiki found
at Salvation Army for a photo shoot ($3.00), we headed out the front door to
visit the kitty’s across the street. That’s bribe No. 1.

No. 2-Pez for sitting in pinkish chair
No. 3-Licking the brownie batter
No. 4-Putting on Makeup for the shoots
No. 5-Getting to see Kiki’s vintage Barbie Dolls and playing with them
It took all of this to get all of these photos, narrowed down from about 745 images!

Click on first image to see full size gallery:


White on White on White…

Thinking about what to blog from my recent trip to Johnson City and Round Top, I realized that so many of the cottages and little historic towns are actually full of vintage white buildings! When I went through all the photos I shot, I notice the theme and thus my title! Round Top and the surrounding areas are really like nothing else around. Driving into Round Top always makes me feel like I’ve just driven into New England.

burton texas, antiques in Burton,Round Top week, katherine hershey photography

Bayberry Antiques open during Markets

One of the highlights of my trip to Johnson City and the Karen Divine workshop at
the A. Smith gallery was getting to visit one new place in Round Top,
VRT or The Vintage Round Top
After driving up and seeing one of the owners on the porch, I decided to stop
and check it out!

Well, sweet Smoot, invited me in even though during Antique Week, they actually stay in the cottage themselves. So I was really intruding into their home but he was nice enough to have a brief chat with me and let me snap a few photos of their fabulous interior.

Another special treat was when my Air B & B host mentioned that she could get me in
to see the historic Catholic Church I had mentioned being so beautiful up on the hill.
So we met the morning I left for home and I got to take photos of the beautiful, ornate
alter and statues. I certainly covered a lot of ground in about 5 days but it was a ton of fun!

Places visited and photos above:

St. Mary’s Catholic Church-Ellinger, TX
A.Smith Gallery-Johnson City
Fayetteville, Tx.
Bird Bakery-San Antonio
The Vintage Round Top-Round Top
Rancho Pillow-Round Top
Bayberry’s Antiques-Burton
Round Top
Burton, TX
Johnson City, TX
Hill County Science Museum

Karen Divine-iphone artist

Cynthia’s cottage in Country Living!

Last September, my friend and fabulous set designer, merchandiser extraordinaire
Vince Maggio, let me know he had staged a fabulous cottage in McKinney. I asked
if he would like photos taken of his work and he and Cynthia said “Yes”. As it
turned out, Cynthia was going to submit photos of her home to several publications
hoping to get them published, so perfect timing! Well, I stepped in the front door
and was in Heaven! Of course this home needs to be published! Needless to say,
Country Living has it in the current July/August issue so pick up a copy! In 2017
it will also be featured in a book, City Farmhouse. I had the pleasure of sitting in
onboth of the photo shoots, so you can image this little photographer
was especially happy!


Audie Murphy Day!

Every year, Farmersville honors Audie Murphy and all veterans and active duty military with a parade and all kinds of celebration! There was a fly over to start the festivities with 3 planes from the Ghost Squadron Commemorative Air Force in DFW, a Vultee BT-15, PT-17 Stearman and T-6. After that, a Vietnam era helicopter, The Ghost Ship Huey 197 flew over several times. Most memorable was a one man bio-play show at 1st Baptist with L.A. actor Duffy Hudson portraying Americas most decorated war hero, Audie Murphy. The scenes of what he went through in the trenches brought tears to many eyes. Of course, a Texas parade isn’t complete without a few horses, cowboys and antique autos!

Old Time Farmersville…Bains-Honaker House 1867

The Christmas parade was cancelled today due to the rain, but the

historic Bains-Honaker House was open for tours! I had been wanting to

see inside this home that I often walk by so I was happy to get to take the

tour! It was built in 1867! Guess I had better join the Historic Society…

Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-18

Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-11

This silk coat was found in the attic...

This silk coat was found in the attic…

Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-2 Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-13 Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-16 Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-19 Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-14

Upstairs they have a nice little museum full of history and artifacts!

Upstairs they have a nice little museum full of history and artifacts!

Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-15 Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-8 Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-17 Bain-Honaker House 1865_Katherine Hershey Photography Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-24

The tag says that this child, Katie Neathery, died at 8 in 1883! So sad how many died from lack of penicillin

The tag says that this child, Katie Neathery, died at 8 in 1883! So sad how many died from lack of penicillin

Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-7 Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-5

The wedding dress of one of the 4 daughters who lived here

The wedding dress of one of the 4 daughters who lived here

Bain-Honaker House _Katherine Hershey Photography-4


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